HA11cA   Flt LT Lord Arnhem Signed King & Drew  Orginal 5c Nederlands Stamp.

1 Jul 76 BFPS 1518 Disbandment of 14 Air Despatch Regiment ( RCT ) Postmark, and 5c  Orange Nederland

( Dutch ) stamp datstamped Deelen . Flt Lt D S A Lord VC 271 Squadron Dakota Pilot awarded the Victoria Cross  Arnhem Airborne landing 1945. Cover depicts Flt Lt Lord VC , his 271 Squadron Douglas Dakota DC2 KG374 being shot down at Arnhemon 19 September 1944 and the Victoria Cross. Flown in 70 Squadron Hercules XV186 by Flt Lt Marlow from RAF Lyneham and delivered by Parachute at Keevil Drop Zone by 47 Air Despatch Regiment and received by 14 Air Despatch Regiment and reflown in yal Netherlands Air Force Dakota N9985Q to Arnhem. Backstamps 14 ADR. ADR47,Netherlands Legion, Arnhem 27 & RAF Museum.

Personally Signed by Flt Lt Harry King ( then Flying Officer became involved in the operation when he agreed to fly as a navigator for a Dakota crew, whose own navigator had been given leave to marry. The Captain of the crew  of No217 Squadron was David Lord, who had previously been awarded the DFC for his part in operations in Burma.

Two successful sorties had been flown  on the 17th and 18th September ,the first dropping paratroops into Arnhem, and the secord towing a glider to the area. By Tuesday 19th September the situation on the ground had deteriorated and 217 Squadron were briefed for aerial  supply drop to the British troops.

As Flt Lt Lord approached the dropping zone his aircraft was hit by anti aircraft fire, and a fire broke out on the starboard wing, in the vicinity of the main fuel tank. Plt Off R Medhurst the co pilot ( son of Air Chief Marshal Sir Charles Medhurst ) operated the fire Extinguisher equipment, but was unable to extinguish the fire in the wing, Flt Lt Lord however continued to the dropping zone intent on delivering fresh ammunition for the beleaguered troops on the ground.

As a result now assisted by Flt Lt King. This proved such a slow process that not all the panniers could be dropped on the first run. Despite the fact that the Dakota was now on one engine with flames spreading across the wing, Flt Lt Lord decided to go around again even though his aircraft could not maintain height. Sinking lower all the time, the last of the panniers was dispatched, and Flt Lt Lord gave the order to bale out. In the next instant the aircraft exploded. Flt Lt King who was standing in the open doorway was thrown clear and parachuted safely to ground, the sole survivor of the crew of eight.

On the morning of 20th September Flt Lt King was taken prisoner, along with the remainder of the 10th Battalion of the Parachute Regiment, with whom he had sought shelter the previous day. Flt Lt D Lord DFC ( was Posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross). Also Signed by Capt U L Drew US Army Air Corps 375th Fighter Squadron PS1 Mastang Pilot who flew Fighter Escort at Arnhem and gained 6 Victories including 2 Messerschmitt  ME26s the first Jet Fighters shot down in Aerial combat . Details enclosed and Photograph of Flt Lt Lord in his Dakota whilst dropping auppies to General Wingate in Burma. Certified Copy no 1114 of 1253

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HA11cA Flt LT Lord Arnhem Signed King & Drew Orginal 5c Nederlands Stamp.

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